The History of Kennel Stenänga
Kennel Stenänga was in the possession of Margareta Lantz´ uncle, Gunnar Nordqvist-born in 1906. He was no more than 17 or 18 years old when the kennel was registred. This leads us to believe that Margareta's grandparents were the official owners during the early years.

Gunnar Nordqvist devoted himself to the breeding of several breeds throughout the years. Without listing them in any specific order, they were the following: dachsbracken (which today is called drever), pointer, English setter and cocker spaniel. He only bred dogs that he could enjoy as companions when he was hunting. Hunting was one of his passions in life, and he has told us that he received his first shotgun when he was 13 years old. It was given to him by his father Nils A. Nordqvist. Gunnar Nordqvist had a very close collaboration with Sjöbo´s second breeder Otto Ramel, baron of Övedskloster.

The name of his kennel was av Ekebäck, and he always kept his bitches here at Stenänga when they were whelping.
G. Nordqvist had a trainee at the kennel: Lilian Öhrström. She later became the very successful owner of Örlidens Kennel (cocker spaniel)

Lars-Gunnar Lantz has experienced the activities at Stenänga and has hunted quite a lot with Gunnar´s last dog. She was an English setter named Calla av Ekebäck – in other words one of O. Ramel´s dogs.

Its been said that Otto gave the dog to Gunnar, as he himself didn't believe in the dog.
Calla ended her days at Stenänga, having earned the titles Swedish and Nordic show and hunting champion.
In 1967 the last batch of puppies were born at G. Nordqvist´s kennel and since then Kennel Stenänga has been resting on it's laurels.
It was Astor´s arrival at Stenänga that heralded the revival of the kennel. More dogs have appeared in the kennel after Astor.

Our daughter Malin is now a co-owner of our kennel , and has introduced Whippets to Kennel Stenänga.